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Habanero Pepper


Our "Flavor factory" is located in the municipality of Patrocínio Paulista, in the northwest region of São Paulo.

In constant search for quality and excellence, the care with the selection of ingredients begins with the choice of seeds, only the best go to land.

Seeds germinated, seedlings formed, our work begins to keep them healthy and strong.

With the motto "what comes from the earth returns to the earth", we reuse leftover vegetables, fruits and grains to enrich the soil and contribute to the development of peppers.

In addition to our protagonists, other ingredients are harvested in the fields where we live, or supplied by producers in the region.

      Fine jellies, exotic sauces, pastes and pickles.

      100% handmade and natural product, without addition of preservatives, dyes and     

      artificial ingredients. 

      For all palates, you can choose!!!



Mild, moderate heat or High option...

There is something for all tastes and palates!!! 

In addition to pepper jellies, with each change of season a new experience, always in search of something new, our "artidinhas" are combined with seasonal fruits.

Apples, rich in pectin, are always present in our jams and are responsible for the perfect texture.

No added preservatives, dyes or any synthetic ingredients.

The reduced use of organic sugar allows the sweetness and flavor of the fruits to predominate.

Delicious to eat with cheese, meat, sandwiches, snacks and even with a spoon.

       Dare, try it, enjoy this trip!!



Worth it in the bottle or in the tube!!!

For "pepper lovers" like us, without pepper it's no fun, right?

For those of you looking for new flavors, you can't miss it.

The tube is a great option to always have on hand, you can even carry it in your bag.

Our favorite is Habanero Pepper Sauce, a true explosion of flavors. By combining the right ingredients, we can overcome its “dreaded heat”, but without losing its unique and striking flavor.

If you think that's it, we still have other flavors in the tube:

• Chipotle Pepper Sauce - Smoked Jalapeño

• Thai Style - blend of fermented red peppers

• Mango & Habanero Pepper Sauce

And, for those who like the traditional pepper sauce in a jar, there’s that too!!

• Habanero Sauce

• Jalapenõ Sauce

• Carolina From Hell Sauce

• Mr Scotch Garlic Sauce



This version is for those who like it almost fresh.

The peppers are selected one by one.

Flavor, appearance and heat are evaluated.

Even the dreaded Habanero can be enjoyed without fear, after selection, they are properly sanitized and the seeds are removed manually.

Peppers, herbs and spices.

Is there anything better?

Served as an appetizer, replacing peppers in the vinaigrette, to give that "up" to traditional rice and beans, hamburgers, salads, and even pizza.


        ENJOY OUR PEPPER!!!!!

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