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AKEMI Peppers

How did they get here...

She, stylist and fashion producer. 

He, designer and metal shaper.

Paulistanos, Aquarians, lunatics and passionate about pepper.

In 2017, they exchanged their insane life in the city for the countryside.

In this new scenario, with less cement and more land, they ventured into planting peppers.

"And now what to do with so much pepper? Eat, of course!!"

He in cultivation.

She in the alchemy of flavors.

From this “joke” AKEMI Peppers was born, with the aim of bringing you new flavors, new experiences, stimulating your senses.

In January 2020, they opened theAkemi Bistro & Peppers, where delicious bites paired with their beloved "ardidinhas" are served.

Boarding in this universe full of flavors!!!

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