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Dedo de Moça & Cachaça Jelly

Dedo de Moça & Cachaça Jelly

We couldn't help but pay homage to our cachaça - National Heritage.

Jelly that combines Dedo de Moça pepper and cachaça!! Hmmmm...


Made with Elisa Premium, a double-distilled, crystal clear, smooth and elegant drink, rested in peanut barrels for 2 years, a wood that softens the cachaça over time, without giving it any smell, color or flavor.


Burning: Low

Goes well with: Cheeses and breads

Natural pectin, extracted from apples, less sugar, more flavor.

100% handmade product, without added preservatives, dyes or any synthetic ingredients.


Ingredients: Apple, Cachaça, Orange, Sugar, Pepper and Lemon.

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