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Jalapeño Relish

Jalapeño Relish

It is not known exactly where "relish" originated, some say that this delicacy was born in China, others say that it was in Mesopotamia, or India.

Regardless of your nationality, it has become popular among Americans, and here it has gained many fans, especially lovers of sweet and sour recipes.

If you like news, pepper and sweet and sour recipes, you're bound to fall in love!!!

Burning: Mid
Goes well with: Mexican dishes, red and white meats, and to brighten up your sandwich or hamburger.

100% handmade product, without added preservatives, dyes or any synthetic ingredients.

Ingredients: Green and Red Jalapeño, Yellow Habanero, Onion, Red Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Garlic, Salt, Sunflower Oil and Spices.
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